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Audio & Print Interviews

At WDET on “Detroit Today” discussing Confederate monuments

The National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Historically Speaking: Make Good the Promises: Reclaiming Reconstruction and Its Legacies, October 2021

Learning for Justice’s Teaching Hard History “Lynching: White Supremacy, Terrorism and Black Resistance,” October 26, 2021

History Unplugged, “How Ex-Slaves Built New Lives for Themselves – and America – After the Civil War,” August 2021

KPFK’s Freedom Now with Gerald Horne, August 2021

Democracy Works: The Long Road to Multi-racial Democracy

New Podcast “Seizing Freedom” Brings Black Americans’ Civil War Stories To Life, WDET’s Detroit Today, February 2021

The United States of Anxiety: New Hopes, Old Fears January 2021

Capitol attack conjures American legacy of racial violence ABC News January 2021

“What the Capital Riot Says About America” VPM Media January 2021

“Storming the U.S. Capitol may be new to Americans, but the violence is a familiar theme” Philadelphia Inquirer January 2021

The Aftermath, WRVO Public Media’s ‘The Reckoning: Facing the Legacy of Slavery in America,’ November 2020

The Cotton Empire and The Second Revolution, Scene on Radio’s The Land That Has Never Been Yet, 2020

As a Weapon, KCRW’s Nocturne, November 13, 2019

Respectfully Yours, Gainer Atkins, in Reflections on Darkness. May 25, 2018

NPR On Point, Alabama Museum Opens in Remembrance of Lynching Victims. April 20, 2018

WMUK’s West Southwest, No, Not You. December 21, 2017

WKAR’s Current State, No, Not You. Dec 16, 2017

How Should We Deal with Monuments to Deeply Flawed Historical Figures? WDET “Detroit Today”

“Why Tyranny Happened” Slate Academy Podcast on Reconstruction

Q & A for America’s Civil War Museum Foundry Series: Combat, Racial Violence, and Resilience 

‘The Difference Ten Miles Makes’ in A More Perfect Union?: The Reconstruction Era, interview on Backstory podcast, 2017.

Radical Teacher Interview on the #CharlestonSyllabus


NEH Summer Institute at UIC, July 2017

Session on Lynching during the Gilded Age & Progressive Era

“When the Men Came,” Lynchburg College, April 2017

“Never Get Over It,” American Civil War Museum, Richmond May 2017

Keisha Blain, Chad Williams, and I at the College of Charleston’s wonderful Avery Research Center

Keisha Blain, Chad Williams, and I at the Charleston Syllabus Symposium at the University of Georgia September 2016

Charleston Syllabus and the 2016 election, College of Charleston’s Avery Research Center, November 2016

CharlestonSyllabus Symposium, University of Georgia, September 2016