Want professional assistance identifying and interpreting African American and American historical sources for your article, book, podcast, tv/radio show, or film? Ask a Historian.

What I Do

Provide individualized consulting on interpreting historical records from American and African American history that gives you a wider sense of the social, political, cultural, and economic context, which enables you to appreciate and reveal the full dimensions of your project.

This includes:

  • Guidance on conceptualizing the project so it reflects the historical record and current scholarly understandings but honors the client’s creative vision for the project
  • Timely and detailed review and interpretation of materials
  • Recommendation of additional historical resources
  • Assistance acquiring copies of/access to these resources

My Services Help You

Communicate the past with precision and expertise.

My Background

I enjoy using my research training to help non-academics understand American and African American history and communicate it to the widest possible audiences.


For more information about projects I’ve worked on or to discuss how I might help you to bring history to life and the cost of my services, please fill out the form below.