January 2016,

I’m trying to:

  • Finish writing my second book (on nightriding) and two articles.After working on other folks’ projects, I’m anxious to return to MY work. Seriously. Work emanating from my archival research.
  • Gear up for my fall seminar on the Detroit Rebellion.
  • Manage my work related “Nos,” especially with organizations, centers, institutes, groups, and individuals that don’t respect my other work commitments.
  • Make even more time for the arts. I attended Classical Roots, the Detroit Symphony’s annual celebration of African Americans’ contributions to classical music. I also hit up Derrick May and the Detroit Symphony (even though the event was supposed to be techno founder plus Detroit Symphony, it felt like a Yani concernt) at Chene Park but The Roots were A-MAZING. I saw 30 Americans and Diego Rivera and Frieda Khalo at the DIA and made a point to take in more of Detroit’s art via the DIA Inside|Out and art around at Wayne State.
  • Make more time for travel.
  • Read even more fiction. I barely met my 2015 Reading Challenge of 70 books and less than half were novels. Must do better.

So, I’ll probably be saying no to anyone or anything that gets in the way.